I have always loved to visit antique shops, they are such quirky places filled with all sorts of relics from the pasts and treasures. One such place is Nostalgia, a shop on my street specialising in antiques, collectables, retro and vintage. 
Nostalgia owner Christine Ross has a special passion for items we grew up with, things our parents and grandparents had. Her business began as a hobby, where her home was filled with collectables but now while there are a few special items she can't part with, everything she finds goes to her shop where she can enjoy them with others. 

"People will walk out with a smile on their face - having had a rush of memories triggered by visiting Nostalgia" 

Christine is always on the look out to purchase items for Nostalgia so if you have anything retro, vintage, antique or collectable pop in and see her. 

You can visit Nostalgia at 50 Vanguard Street, Nelson
Shop hours are: Mon - Fri: 10:30 - 5pm
                                    Sat: 10:30 - 4pm
Shop ph: 03 5487060
Christine Cell: 021 101 0378

Visit Nostalgia on Facebook 

Last week I took my camera into Nostalgia and immersed myself in a time gone by, capturing photographs inside this special shop. 

Back to film: Shooting with vintage cameras

Back to film: Shooting with vintage cameras

I have been slowly building up a small collection of film cameras and have been waiting for time to experiment with them. Finally in August I brought some film so I could test them out.

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Eliana 1900's Wedding at Fairfield House

On Sunday I had a very special photo shoot, it was special for a few reasons:
1 - The model was my own daughter Eliana, who has been asking me for a long time now if she can be a model for me for a proper shoot. 
2 - I am a huge history enthusiast, and this shoot was based on a very early 1900's (pre 1920s) wedding dress that my friend had lent me. 
3 - We were lucky to be able to shoot inside the Ballroom at Nelson's Fairfield house, a grand old home which I have spent a lot of my childhood inside and out, in the hills and gardens surrounding. My Aunt Nancy's ashes were also scattered in the gardens with a special remembrance seat and tree planted, along with a dear friend Graham. 

This shoot also excited me as I was lucky to collaborate with Florist Adrienne Matthews of All About Flowers. Adrienne is very talented, she had well researched the era and created an amazing work of art - bouquet which was the cherry on top, and completed the look. 

Ema and Angela also worked hard and created an authentic early 1900s bridal look for Eliana who at nine years only just fitted the dress - just goes to show how much smaller we were 100 years ago! 

I have processed the photos with a vintage look to try and recreate them as if they were taken 100 years ago. It was so much fun creating this shoot, look out for a 1980s themed one coming up in the next month...

Model: Eliana Taylor
Dress: Tina Bishop of Just Costumes
Flower Bouqet: Adrienne Matthews of All About Flowers
Hair: Ema Soole 
MUA: Angela McGuire of Beauty by Angela
Location: Fairfield House