Pet portraiture - our furry family

Today we had some school holiday fun, the kids wanted professional portraits of the pets. They wanted all four of our fur babies in a family portrait.. that didn't happen our Molly-Lucy was a no-show. The other three were not exactly impressed about the idea, so we made do with what they would give us!

Introducing Rex Rabbit our $25 stray from the SPCA..

We all love him and his 'chin-chub' 

Rexie's child bride who has now outgrown him - she is double the size of him now! .. Mrs Flossie-Rose

Flossie-Rose has a heart on her nose for Rexie!

Our latest edition Mr Teddy-Patch a 6yr boy from SPCA his, owner was an old man who passed away and left him an orphan, he is a big smoochy boy who has showers with me! 

A handsome and lazy Teddy-Patch

The kids helped me get these photographs of our furry family members...