Sarah, Georgie, Arjun & Tom

Wherever I go I'm always looking at the world through photographers eyes, everyone and everything is a potential photograph, its a wonderful feeling. A few weeks back I was in the Rockshop with my son and couldn't stop staring at a beautiful group of teenage friends playing the guitars.  I was thinking how wonderful they would be to photograph and hoping they wouldn't think I was a weirdo for staring! I went up to them as I do, introduced myself and asked if they would let me take their photographs one evening over summer. 
Come Tuesday 13th Dec it happened, they all met at my place, four teens, my two kids and I loaded in to my van and went for a cruise up Wakapuaka Cemetery and the Boulder Bank. The teens were so natural their misfit style and carefree nature was a joy to capture - I was in my element on a windy summers evening. 


Today I had a really relaxed and enjoyable day collaborating with Jess, Ema & Anja, we had lots of girly fun creating these looks!

I would like to thank Jess for modelling for me and letting us get a bit creative and taking her out of her comfort zone, as well as welcoming us out to her beautiful rural home in Brightwater on such a bright sunny day. 

I did what I used to be so scared of doing.. shot in harsh midday sun. Instead of avoiding it, I embrace it, work with it and don't fight it. When working in harsh sun like this I always tell the models to close their eyes until I say 'open' for a few secs then close again. This stops any headaches.

Canon 5DMiii, 50mm 1.4 and 17-40mm L 

Model: Jess Prendergast
Hair: Ema Soole
MUA: Anja Katarina Valda Dzaferic


On Sunday I had the opportunity to photograph Maddi, a beautiful confident women who is full of inspiration and happy in her own skin. She is a women not afraid to bare some skin and create art with me, I was in my element (a bit of a chilly one - although I had my feather jacket on - massive props to Maddi who froze but took it like a champ - we decided to skip the water for fear of lost limbs!) 

A big thank you to my newest collaborator, the up and coming talent with hair and makeup: Anja Katarina Valda Dzaferic 

Location: Cable Bay
Canon 5DMiii, 50mm 1.4, 17-40 L

Vienda Maria

I recently met inspiring writer, and mentor Vienda Maria who I  had the pleasure of photographing on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon in Nelson. 

A little about Vienda as spoken from her heart...

"I teach women who want to do great things in the world, how to choose freedom in life and work. This isn’t about the fantasy — it’s about the beauty in the freedom to design our own reality.

We all have a story to tell. But instead of getting wrapped up in the story, what is truly breath-taking and inspiring is what we do as a result of our story. My story led me to have a profound fascination with freedom.

Growing up, all I ever wanted was freedom. Freedom to be, say, think, do, feel and choose. And so I spent my entire adult life dedicated to creating a life of freedom.

And as I have looked for freedom in my work, in my lifestyle, in my relationships, in myself, I have discovered one vital thing.

Freedom, true freedom, comes from within."

- Vienda Maria - as quoted from her 'About' page at her site

We started our shoot inside and then headed out side for the sunset, I was on a natural high photographing Vienda - her free spirit is contagious!