Fine Art Nude: Elia

Recently I put out a model call for Fine Art Nude models. Beautiful Elia replied to my call and modelled like a pro. Its so refreshing to see a young woman comfortable in her own beautiful skin.

If you are interested in modelled for Fine Art Nude Photography email me, Im always looking for all ages over 18-100! and all genders and sizes.

I would like to thank the following amazingly talented team:

Makeup: Angela McIntosh of Beauty by Angela
Hair: Michelle Longman of Hair Heart & Soul

With special thanks to my model Elia and Christopher, for his hospitality - kindly letting us get creative in his incredible home. 


What an amazing team of creatives I have been able to have the privilege to bring together for creative photographic productions. Here is our latest work, from todays amazing butterfly shoot. 

Producer & Photographer: Jessica Shirley
Fashion Stylist: Hannah Beard
Model: Mary Howley
Makeup: Indie Welsh of Life Prices Pharmacy
Hair: Ema Soole
Fashion from: Trouble & Fox
Butterflies: Geoff Procter of Real Wings & Things
Antique Chair: Christine Ross of Nostalgia Antiques 

With special thanks to Geoff for his hospitality and use of his precious butterflies and Christine Ross for always being so generous lending her Antiques for our collaborations. 


Editorial Shoot 

Producer & Photographer: Jessica Shirley
Fashion Stylist: Hannah Beard 
Model: Jeanie Robertson
Makeup: Indie Welsh of Prices Pharmacy
Hair: Ema Soole
Fashion: Lonely Lingerie, Jacket and Cathy Pope Jewellery all from Trouble & Fox
Bugs: Wings & Things

With Special thanks to Geoff Proctor of 'Wings & Things' and Liberty Fox of Trouble & Fox

Maternity Shoot: Anneke

Last Sunday evening the sun was shining low and the flowers were bright and colourful, all elements alined for a perfect maternity shoot with 35wks pregnant Anneke, who was dressed like a beautiful maiden complete with a beaming smile and healthy glow. 

Special thanks to Mike & Judy for letting us shoot in their beautiful hill top garden. 

Canon 5DMiii
Canon 135mm f2L
Canon 50mm f1.4
Canon 600RX Speedlite


Last summer I was introduced to Judith Hutchings, a doll collector who lives in Wakefield. Ever since, I have been dreaming of a "doll themed shoot" with the perfect doll-like model.  With my studies now behind me and newly graduated I had the time, and then along come Maddy... my model the dream becomes a reality. With her beautiful big doll-like eyes and porcelain skin 12 year old Maddy transformed in to the prettiest doll.

Special thanks to the incredibly talented makeup artist Angela McGuire, and hair stylist Ema Soole for the gorgeous hair-up. 

Extra special thanks to Judith Hutchings for her hospitality and incredible dolls. Look for a blog post detailing Judith's fabulous doll collection coming soon...

Admire Fashion July 2016

It was a romantic revival this month for July Fashion, with inspiration coming from the "beautiful age" of Belle Epoque which was the name given in France for the period of history which went from roughly 1871 to the start of world war one (1914).

It themed in well with this months up-cycling issue and got creative juices flowing. Hair Stylist Lauren Lewis crafted a high fashion dramatic hair feature in model Michelle's hair, while makeup Artist Indie Welsh applied dark burgundy lips which added to the drama. 

We shot at the stunning Nelson Castle - Warwick House, which completed the theme. Hope you enjoy the spread as much as we did creating it!
With special thanks to the Advertisers and team:

Model: Michelle Taylor
Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen
Assistant Stylist: Catherine Potton
Hair: Lauren Lewis of Cardells
MUA: Indie Welsh of Prices Pharmacy
Location: Warwick House

Fashion from: Liann Bellis, Shine, Jellicoe, Sassy's, Richmond Antiques, The Little Boutique, Morrison Square, Hartey's, Nostalgia, and Tango's.




Today I had a really relaxed and enjoyable day collaborating with Jess, Ema & Anja, we had lots of girly fun creating these looks!

I would like to thank Jess for modelling for me and letting us get a bit creative and taking her out of her comfort zone, as well as welcoming us out to her beautiful rural home in Brightwater on such a bright sunny day. 

I did what I used to be so scared of doing.. shot in harsh midday sun. Instead of avoiding it, I embrace it, work with it and don't fight it. When working in harsh sun like this I always tell the models to close their eyes until I say 'open' for a few secs then close again. This stops any headaches.

Canon 5DMiii, 50mm 1.4 and 17-40mm L 

Model: Jess Prendergast
Hair: Ema Soole
MUA: Anja Katarina Valda Dzaferic


Today I had a fun collaboration with a great group of ladies, making over gorgeous Ling. 

A massive thank you to you all, you really are amazing. I do believe working together with a group of creatives who specialize in and love what they do can together make magic happen a total team effort, I am privileged. 

Model: Ling
Hair: Ema Soole
MUA: Angela McGuire of Beauty by Angela
Fashion: Just Costumes  


I really enjoyed this studio shoot with an awesome team, including some new creatives I had not worked with before, but will certainly be again! Angela of Beauty by Angela worked her magic creating my vision for this series which was muted and pale,  the makeup blew me away! Ema did a great job on Georgias hair - but then I ruined it experimenting with a leaf blower (note: blowing hair for a shoot is not as simple as you would think - about 100 shots attempted not one worked!) I decided to ditch the blowing hair idea, unfortunately the hair was a bit of a mess after that, so Georgia and I had to do our best without a hairdresser or even a brush/comb!

I have experimented with editing out the movable wall and leaving it in the composition, with this being the third mock-up experimentation for my studio project (Fashion Photography for a NZ label)

The amazing wall artworks are actually vintage tourism posters from Nostalgia Antiques 

Model: Georgia MacMillan
Hair: Ema Soole
MUA: Beauty by Angela
Wall art: Nostalgia Antiques
Fashion: Just Costumes


Vienda Maria

I recently met inspiring writer, and mentor Vienda Maria who I  had the pleasure of photographing on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon in Nelson. 

A little about Vienda as spoken from her heart...

"I teach women who want to do great things in the world, how to choose freedom in life and work. This isn’t about the fantasy — it’s about the beauty in the freedom to design our own reality.

We all have a story to tell. But instead of getting wrapped up in the story, what is truly breath-taking and inspiring is what we do as a result of our story. My story led me to have a profound fascination with freedom.

Growing up, all I ever wanted was freedom. Freedom to be, say, think, do, feel and choose. And so I spent my entire adult life dedicated to creating a life of freedom.

And as I have looked for freedom in my work, in my lifestyle, in my relationships, in myself, I have discovered one vital thing.

Freedom, true freedom, comes from within."

- Vienda Maria - as quoted from her 'About' page at her site

We started our shoot inside and then headed out side for the sunset, I was on a natural high photographing Vienda - her free spirit is contagious!