Family shoot - Sarah & Hana for their mum

Choosing presents can be difficult especially for parents, you want to give them something meaningful and special, not generic. So often gift sets and empty photo frames gather dust or are re-gifted. This Christmas sister's Sarah and Hana had a lovely idea for a special present for their mum, they surprised her with family photos. This was a thoughtful gift that she absolutely loved, and will enjoy for years to come.  

On a lovely December evening at sunset Sarah, Hana, their families and I met at The Boulder Bank in Nelson where we had a relaxed and fun family portrait session. I would like to thank them for sharing their precious photographs with us. 


Pet portraiture - our furry family

Today we had some school holiday fun, the kids wanted professional portraits of the pets. They wanted all four of our fur babies in a family portrait.. that didn't happen our Molly-Lucy was a no-show. The other three were not exactly impressed about the idea, so we made do with what they would give us!

Introducing Rex Rabbit our $25 stray from the SPCA..

We all love him and his 'chin-chub' 

Rexie's child bride who has now outgrown him - she is double the size of him now! .. Mrs Flossie-Rose

Flossie-Rose has a heart on her nose for Rexie!

Our latest edition Mr Teddy-Patch a 6yr boy from SPCA his, owner was an old man who passed away and left him an orphan, he is a big smoochy boy who has showers with me! 

A handsome and lazy Teddy-Patch

The kids helped me get these photographs of our furry family members...

Sunday Sunset Shenanigans

On Sunday I took my new canon 135mm F2 lens out to a family pot luck dinner in Richmond to have a play. The kiddies and aunties loved posing for the camera and we all had a good laugh. Its just magic when I get a gorgeous sunset, a lovely location and eager models!