Sarah, Georgie, Arjun & Tom

Wherever I go I'm always looking at the world through photographers eyes, everyone and everything is a potential photograph, its a wonderful feeling. A few weeks back I was in the Rockshop with my son and couldn't stop staring at a beautiful group of teenage friends playing the guitars.  I was thinking how wonderful they would be to photograph and hoping they wouldn't think I was a weirdo for staring! I went up to them as I do, introduced myself and asked if they would let me take their photographs one evening over summer. 
Come Tuesday 13th Dec it happened, they all met at my place, four teens, my two kids and I loaded in to my van and went for a cruise up Wakapuaka Cemetery and the Boulder Bank. The teens were so natural their misfit style and carefree nature was a joy to capture - I was in my element on a windy summers evening.