Exploring Cable Bay

This afternoon while his sister was having a play date with her best friend, Archie asked me if we could go exploring. I hadn't been to Cable Bay for a few years so we set of with the camera in the late afternoon sun. Archie is a real photographer, at 7 yrs old he is enjoying using the tripod and taking some shots with my help.

We really are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world standing onto of the hill over looking Cable Bay truly brings life to your soul!

I took along my Canon 5DMiii, 17-40mm L and 50mm 1.4 prime.  



School Holiday walk up the Brook Dam - Nelson.

During the school holidays I had a chance to take a break from study and relax with the kids. I spent the time taking lots of photographs. Here is a visual snap shot of one of our many adventures together. 

You can get some really interesting images shooting up through the tree canopy.