The Pear Orchard Lodge

Catherine - KILT Clothing

The Pear Orchard Lodge is so contemporary and fresh, it was the perfect location for our KILT Clothing shoot featuring Catherine, who just could not stop smiling - she such a gorgeous girl! I would like to thank Timo of the Lodge for his hospitality and letting us shoot inside his european style accomodation in Richmond. It was so lovely, that I spent a night there a few weeks later testing out my vintage film cameras you can see the post here

Model: Catherine Ang
Hair: Juanita Poynter
Makeup: Michayla Addison-Saipe
With thanks to ABOKI Hairdressers
Fashion: KILT Clothing

Canon 5DMiii
Canon 50mm 1.4

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Back to film: Shooting with vintage cameras

I have been slowly building up a small collection of film cameras and have been waiting for time to experiment with them. Finally in August I brought some film so I could test them out.

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