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Admire Fashion March 2016 - Undercover Style

'Autumn fashion is under the spotlight in our gorgeous James Bond-inspired fashion spread featuring models Shannon Cassidy and Reggie Elliot-Jones' Admire

This has got to be one of my favourite shoots yet, I'm so proud of how it all turned out. The team was amazing and it all worked together like magic.

Fashion Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen, Models: Shannon Cassidy and Reggie Elliot-Jones of RPD Models, Hair: Connie Flemming of Cardells, Makeup: Indie Welsh of Prices Pharmacy.

Special thanks to the team at Nelson's Rutherford Hotel for our inspiring shoot location. 

Admire Fashion February 2016 - Corporate Classics

Welcome back and into 2016,  this months Admire fashion focus on a return to work with sophisticated, yet comfortable styles. 

The fashion team - Stylist Sonya Leusink Sladen, Connie Flemming of Cardells Hair, Indie Welsh, makeup artist of Prices Pharmacy

Model - Georgia McMillan

Retailers- Cheryl Mackie, Marshalls Fashions, Shine, Matthews Eyewear, Taylors We Love Shoes, Edito, Sassys, and Portmans.

If you would like to read the whole magazine check out the link here

Admire 'Favourite Things' Product Photography Dec/Jan Bumper Edition

Stylist Sonya Leusink-Sladen and I have had a lot of fun re-vamping the product pages for Admire Magazine. We decided to create beautiful still life pages with them, rather than clear white cut outs of objects on pages. This we believe is more meaningful for us and the readers, creating high quality imagery which sells quality products.  We are both very proud of what we have achieved together creating what I call works of art in their own right on the pages. I hope you enjoy them too, Nelson and Richmond have a lot of quality locally sourced and produced, as well as internationally hand picked  products. We are very lucky to live in not only a little slice of paradise but also have our cake and eat it too!

Favourite Things - On Our Table

This vintage-themed composition was shot from a mezzanine roof looking down to create a birds eye view. 

Glass Server, vintage - Richmond Antiques, Apples - Fresh Choice Nelson, Candle in ceramic vase - Living Light, Wine - Fresh Choice, Serving dish, vintage - Richmond Antiques, Table cloth, vintage - Richmond Antiques, Ceramic bowl & dragonfly - Cache, Olives - Fresh Choice Nelson, Bread Loaves - Prego & Comida, Paella pan - boxed confectionary & rice - Prego & Comida, kitchen candles - Living Light, olive oil - Prego & comida

Favourite Things - Take It Outside

This image was shot from on top of Sonya's roof looking down onto her perfectly manicured bright green lush lawn!

Lantern candle - Living Light, Rattan chair - Lighthouse, Outdoor cushion (green) - TM Covers, Slides (orange) - Taylors We Love Shoes, Outdoor Table - Lighthouse, White tray - Cache, Orange pitcher - Cache, Beer, 2 Stroke - McCashins, Citronella candle - Living Light, Deck chair - TM Covers, Picnic Basket - cache, Baby-Q BBQ - Zinc, Marilyn Andrews Art Calendar - Art in the City

Admire Bumper Edition Dec/Jan - Fashion

This edition of Admire has double the awesomeness! I was excited to spend extra time doing what I love this month. We shot two fashion spreads and two product still life pages. 

I would love to share the fashion shoots with you now, 

First up was a beautiful soft jewellery themed shoot at the charming Grand Mercure Monaco. 

'All That Glitters'

Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen, Model: Emily-Rae Madsen, Hair: Connie Fleming of Cardells, Makeup: Indie Welsh of Prices Pharmacy.

Fashion from: Glen James Jewellers, Rocs Richmond, The Little Boutique, Kimberley's at Morrison SquareTrouble & FoxShine

Second fashion shoot 'Hats & Hounds'

Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen, Model: Anthea Shearer, Hair: Connie Fleming of Cardells, Makeup: Indie Welsh of Prices Pharmacy

With special thanks to Jen Trow and 'Shy' her beautiful greyhound, a former greyhound racing champion rehomed through Greyhounds As Pets (GAP)

Fashion from: Jellicoe Design, Sassy's, Trouble & FoxShineTaylors We Love ShoesEditoBeeteesProfile

Backdrops from Guthrie Bowron Nelson and Flowers by All About Flowers.

Admire Fashion October 2015 - 'Seventies Sophistication'

Admire Fashion October 2015 - Seventies inspired shoot, fashion goes retro.

Special thanks to model: Holly Parkes, Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen, Hairstylist: Connie Fleming of Cardells, Makeup: Kate Donaldson of Jays & Ko, Pam and Brain Meadows for allowing us to use their fabulous Richmond home for our 1970's inspired shoot. 

Fashion from: Jays & Ko, Trouble & Fox, Shine, Edito, Richmond Antiques, The Little Boutique, Portmans, Fock & Soul, and Taylors We Love Shoes. 

Admire Fashion June 2015 - Warwick at Eight, fashion goes glam!

Admire Fashion June 2015 - Warwick at Eight, fashion goes glam with a spread styled at the historic Warwick house. 

Special thanks to: Models: Bree Robertson & Reggie Elliot, Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen, Hairstylist: Connie Fleming of Cardells, Makeup: Kate Donaldson of Jays & Ko. The team at Warwick House for the inspiring shoot location and hospitality on the day. 

Fashion from: Jays & Ko, Shine, Eclectic, Taylors We Love Shoes, All About Flowers, Nelson Tailors Menswear, Rocs Jewellers, Trouble & Fox, Profile, Sassy's, The Little Boutique, and The Nelson Hospice Shop. 

Admire Fashion September 2015 - 'Spring Love Unfolds'

New love, romance always in fashion... Admire September issue.

Special thanks to: Models: Isabella Garwood from Monarch Model Management and Daniel Classen, Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen, Hair: Connie Fleming of Cardells, Makeup: Kate Donaldson of Jays & Ko.  Kerry Ford and her team at Fords Restaurant & Bar and Panama Kitchen & Bar Nelson for accommodating us during the shoot.  Along with Page & Blackmore books for the classic romance novels. 

Fashion from: Jays & Ko, Beetees, Taylors We Love Shoes, Shine, Sidecar, Trouble & Fox, Craig Potton Gallery & Store, Profile, Living Light Candles, and Harringtons Eyecare.


Admire Fashion August 2015 - Prints & Princess

Admire Fashion August 2015 - Prints & Princess

A princess finds her prints, in Admire Magazines August 2015 fashion spread. - Photography by Jessica Shirley and Stylist Sonya Leusink Sladen. 
Model: Phoebe Fulton of Clyne Model Management 

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Admire Fashion July 2015 - Donnybrook Farm

Fashion on the farm for Admire July edition.

I also did the graphic design and page layout for this edition - have posted the full page spreads here. 

Special thanks to Fergus and Beth O'Connor and handler Glenn Leys of Donnybrook Farm for the unbelievable experience of shooting at the Clydesdale Stud and Dairy Farm. Dorothy the chicken, Tyler Chamberlain and Lucy his dog, Odette, Kylie and Kristy the Clydesdale Horses. 

Model: Isabella Garwood, Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen, Hair: Connie Fleming of Cardells, Makeup: Kate Donaldson of Jays & Ko. 

Fashion from: Jays & Ko, Trouble & Fox, Glenn James Jeweller, Shine, Beetees, Taylors We Love Shoes, and Sidecar.