Evening Wear


I am excited to share with you the second of my studio experiments for my 3rd year studio project - 'Fashion Photography for a New Zealand Label'
The label I am going to photograph has a strong 'Kiwi' theme, supporting New Zealand in a wide variety of ways. It is important that I promote the NZ aspect of the label, so I have experimented with different ways in which I can approach this. With the first shoot, I played with props - nostalgic kiwiana icons such as souvenir tea towels, apple crates & Nelson Photo News magazines. This time I have taken New Zealand paintings, prints & photography, placing the model beside them. With each composition I have chosen a dress which 'speaks' to the image, creating unity. 

Marina, looks stunning in these dresses, she is a fabulous talent with a beautiful grace to her,

I always welcome feedback, so please comment any thoughts. 

With thanks my amazing team of contributors:

Model: Marina Kere
Hair & Makeup: Anja Katarina Valda Dzaferic
Dresses: Just Costumes
Artwork: Nostalgia Antiques

Admire Fashion June 2015 - Warwick at Eight, fashion goes glam!

Admire Fashion June 2015 - Warwick at Eight, fashion goes glam with a spread styled at the historic Warwick house. 

Special thanks to: Models: Bree Robertson & Reggie Elliot, Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen, Hairstylist: Connie Fleming of Cardells, Makeup: Kate Donaldson of Jays & Ko. The team at Warwick House for the inspiring shoot location and hospitality on the day. 

Fashion from: Jays & Ko, Shine, Eclectic, Taylors We Love Shoes, All About Flowers, Nelson Tailors Menswear, Rocs Jewellers, Trouble & Fox, Profile, Sassy's, The Little Boutique, and The Nelson Hospice Shop.