Admire Fashion October 2016

Floral spring style features in this month's fashion spread. 

Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen
Model: Michelle Taylor
Hair: Lauren Lewis from Cardells
Make-up: Indie Welsh from Prices Pharmacy

Fashion from: Jellicoe, Sassy's, Shine, Dames and Marshalls,

Admire Fashion September 2016

This month Tasman Makos players Vils Lolohea and Josh Tafili join model Anneke Giblin for our fashion spread showcasing smart casual clothing. 

Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen
Models: Anneke Giblin, and Tasman Mako's Players Josh Tafili & Vils Lolohea
Hair: Connie Fleming of Cardells
MUA: Indie Welsh of Prices Pharmacy

Fashion from: Nelson Tailors Menswear, Whitwells, Barkers at Morrison Square, Trouble & Fox, Shine, and Tango's

Admire Fashion June 2016

'By The Boathouse'

This month we are looking swell by the sea!

I was so excited to work with a fresh new model called Charm Williams, I loved shooting her - it was impossible to take a bad photograph. Her humble warm kiwi attitude was just awesome!

Model: Charm Williams
Stylist: Sonya Leusink Sladen
Makeup: Indie Welsh of Prices Pharmacy
Location: The Boathouse Nelson

I would like to give special thanks to The Boathouse for the use of their warm rooms at 6:30am and beautiful location.

Fashion from: Trouble & Fox, Shine, Cruellas, Jellicoe, Sidecar, Jackie E

Admire Fashion April 2016

Admire autumn April fashion spread, was a pleasure to shoot with our two gorgeous models:
Lauren Aickin and Sheena Thomas.

Styling: Sonya Leusink Sladen, Hair: Connie Flemming of Cardells, Make-up: Indie Welsh from Prices Pharmacy, Thank you team!

To see full magazine http://www.admiremagazine.co.nz/#folio=1

Fashion from: Sassy's, Beetees, Shine, and Rugs from Guthrie Bowron Nelson.

Exploring Cable Bay

This afternoon while his sister was having a play date with her best friend, Archie asked me if we could go exploring. I hadn't been to Cable Bay for a few years so we set of with the camera in the late afternoon sun. Archie is a real photographer, at 7 yrs old he is enjoying using the tripod and taking some shots with my help.

We really are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world standing onto of the hill over looking Cable Bay truly brings life to your soul!

I took along my Canon 5DMiii, 17-40mm L and 50mm 1.4 prime.