Creative Lights Art Exhibition

As part of my study towards the Bachelor of Art & Media degree at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology  I completed a paper called Professional Practice #1. That paper gave students first hand knowledge of curating an art exhibition. 

We were put into groups of 4-5 students and together we curated an exhibition held at GSpace Gallery. Our group quickly whittled down to myself and Petra Malkova.  Petra and I choose to promote Magenta, a Nelson art group for people with mental illness. 

Our aim was to show case three individual's from Magenta - not only their art work, but also their stories and sharing's of how Magenta and art has helped them. 

We met Phill Sigglekow

‘Painting is very therapeutic it is kind of like a therapy for me’.

Phill’s huge inspiration springs from superheroes and their magical superhuman powers. His favourite character is Batman, who is a master at hand-to-hand combat and is more realistic compared to other superpower characters.

Phill paints with acrylics on canvas mostly, but has recently experimented with adding material to his work.


We also met Marina Mc Pherson 

The signature of Marina’s work lies in working with a metallic thread on a see-through cloth such as organza and chiffon. She portrays a variety of objects, from butterflies and fairies to pop art, modifying for example Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe using beads for the hair. Moreover, Marina is inspired by Art Nouveau, books on Antiques, for example old jewellery designers such as Rene Lalique.

‘My art is about contentment – it’s my middle ground, a place where I’m not high or low. I do it day to day to keep well’.

Oliver Finley Smith (Finn)

Finn sees himself as a fantasy and portrait artist. He starts with a drawing, which he then alters in Photoshop, reprints it and personalises it once again by hand. Through his art, he intends to capture the emotions felt through online communications, relationships, and manifesting role-play fantasies into reality.

Finn’s reflection on how art can help anxiety: ‘It’s good to keep busy and it’s good for self-esteem to be achieving things’, he also says his art brings ‘Satisfaction, especially when people give you the right feedback that is very rewarding’.

We made many visits to Magenta they are such an awesome group of people, from left to right in this photo are: Finn, Petra, Phill, myself, and Marina. 

We called our exhibition 'Creative Lights' and I made a video

We had wonderful sponsors one of which is my friend Bryce Wastney, and Astonish Me Creative. Countdown Nelson, and Little India sponsored us.   I created a business card for Magenta 

We created a Flier

A brochure 

The above link is to an article in Nelson Live about Creative Lights. 

Opening night was amazing, Bryce Wastney and his friend Joe Tatley were playing live, the food was great and most importantly Marina, Finn, and Phill were there and loved it!
Marina had extreme courage and spoke to the large crowd about her experiences. 

It was a family event, my children were there helping. 

I am so thankful to Petra, Bryce, Joe and everyone who came and supported the event, it was amazing.